Guide to Buying Men’s Board Shorts

b3Men’s board shorts are known for its versatility. Although they are really made for the beach, the styles of board shorts today enable men to wear them even if they are not going to the beach. They can wear it as part of their everyday clothing. When surfing became very popular during the 70s, these types of shorts were introduced for this particular sport. There are many different styles of board shorts today. There are plaid shorts, geometrical shaped ones, shorts with Hawaiian flowers but today, the most popular are the neon pink and green shorts.

From the original board shorts used for surfing to the board shorts you can buy in stores today, you can see that they have undergone many transformations. Originally, men’s board shorts were very heavy duty and short. However, this tight restrictive clothing prevented surfers from experimenting and attempting new tricks on their surf boards. This is why the bathing suit look was invented. This new look allowed plenty of movement and falling off the board, and it was also very light weight so that the men can move freely and comfortably. These board shorts are now made from nylon or polyester material. The shorts have also grown longer to prevent board wax to pull out hairs from men’s legs. Learn more about board shorts here:

IF you are going to purchase men’s board shorts, then you can check online for websites specializing in customizing shorts. You can upload pictures or art works that you want to be printed on your board shorts. If you know of men who love to go surfing, you can give customized board shorts as a birthday or Christmas gift since this is a unique kind of product. Those who receive this kind of gift will surely appreciate it much.

If you are not going to use the board shorts for surfing, then it is advisable to also purchase spandex shorts to go underneath it. Most board shorts are not lined with mesh interior as bathing suits are and this is due to the irritation it causes during surfing. Surfers tend to cut out the lining if the shorts has it. Spandex keeps the surfer warm and keeps sand out. It is smooth and tight and fits comfortably under your board shorts. Board shorts can easily be washed by hand. You can also buy products that can take away the smell of beach or chlorine out of the shorts which is also sold online.

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